Android Upgraded to RC33

Google is in the process of rolling out an update to its Android operating system. If you are using your T-Mobile G1 on T-Mobile's network you will be getting notified that an Over The Air (OTA) update is available and you just have to tell it to go ahead and install it. I am using my G1 unlocked on AT&T, so I won't get the update notification. Luckily the Android Guys posted an article that directed me to a place to download and install the update manually!

Another Project: IntelliDroid

I have two projects that I am working on in my free time. I have GeoDroid which is just about ready for release. The real hold up there is waiting for paid apps to be allowed in the Android Market. I also have a game that I've only just begun. It's going to be a clone of CubeRunner for the iPhone. There are some bugs in Android's OpenGLES implementation that I am waiting on to finish that one up. I thought that I would have to finish one of those off before I started a new one, but I just couldn't help myself!

Last.FM Review

I am trying to get GeoDroid ready to hit the Android Market as soon as Google allows payed applications. There are just a few last minute issues to work out but while I was looking into those I saw that Last.FM was now available on Android. I have been waiting for a Pandora application similar to what is on the iPhone so I was very excited to try Last.FM since it seems to be a very similar service.

Using MP3's as Ringtones on the G1

I just recently discovered how to set MP3's as ringtones on the T-Mobile G1. It's not a very straight forward process so I have taken some screenshots to show you how it's done.

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