Google is in the process of rolling out an update to its Android operating system. If you are using your T-Mobile G1 on T-Mobile's network you will be getting notified that an Over The Air (OTA) update is available and you just have to tell it to go ahead and install it. I am using my G1 unlocked on AT&T, so I won't get the update notification. Luckily the Android Guys posted an article that directed me to a place to download and install the update manually!

Here is a link to the message board with the links to download it for yourself if you wish. Installing the update is really easy. All you have to do is rename the zip file to and put it on your SD Card. Turn your phone off and reboot it by holding the Home and Power buttons at the same time. You will see the normal G1 screen and then you'll see a screen that shows a phone with an exclamation point. At this point open the keyboard and press Alt+S and it will start loading the update. Once it loads it will reboot the phone a couple of times and you're all set! I was happy to see that all of my applications and settings were still there. My previous phone was a Nokia N95 and every time there was an update everything went back to the factory default.

There are some really neat new features in this update including voice search and the ability to mark comments in the Android Market as spam. They have also included Latitude to this version of Google Maps. Latitude is a very cool application that lets you keep track of where your friends are using the GPS in their mobile device! You can see them in the Google Maps on your phone or on the Latitude website for those people who don't have smartphones.

My initial reaction to the update is that I am very pleased with the additional features and I am anxious to see if it has helped with some of the call quality issues that I've had. It feels a little sluggish to me which is unfortunate since the responsiveness of the phone was one of its best features in my opinion.

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